11th Annual Cheney Brothers Food Service Buying Show

Cheney Brothers Annual Buying Show


BUYING SHOW June 20th, 2017, 10am–5pm
Fort Lauderdale Convention Center
Cheney Brothers, Inc. Annual Buying Show from Cheney Brothers on Vimeo
Rosen Shingle Creek Convention Center


I want to personally thank you Avi and the CBI Team for putting on such a great food show at the convention center on Tuesday and even more so, such a delicious dinner the night prior. It was an excellent approach to having a more personable evening, conversing and networking with a great group of people. The attention to detail at both the dinner and show superseded all expectations, and as you know, we’re all out expectations. Furthermore, the cohesiveness of the food show was incredible; thorough, informative and bottom-line mind blowing when compared to any other food-oriented show that we have ever attended.


Additionally, I would like to thank you for the accommodations that you and your team provided. The hotel was perfect, a great spot to relax and rest between the dinner and show. I know that planning and coordinating these events takes much time and effort, and I didn’t want all of that hard work to go unnoticed. Thank you all once again!


Robert Grant II

Executive Chef
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2017 Cheney Brothers Buying Show, North Florida Division
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