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8                             2001                           HISTORY

 I Introduces                 n	 CBI acquires Palm   2006
en Design, Equipment          Beach Chemical &
pplies Division –             Floor Care Company,    n	 CBI opens a 2nd distribution
ning, installing and          introducing Floorcare  center in Ocala, adding 525,000
 hing professional            & Janitorial Division  sq. ft. of office/warehouse space
urant kitchens                n	 IT Department       (CBI disaster recovery Center)
 I transport fleet            implements Microsoft   n	 Ocala hits $1 million day,
res cell phones               Exchange & PCs         6 months after opening
                                                     n	 Produce Division expands,
    1999                                             quadrupling produce sales in
                                                     the first year
        n	 CBI line grows to                         n	 July 4th marks
        over 12,000 products                         first $3 million day
        n	 CBI partners with                         n	 CBI Fleet grows
        Gourmet Kosher,                              to 300 delivery trucks
        a kosher foods

 rrent                       2002
ay,                                        n	 CBI Fleet grows
                                           to 75 delivery trucks
 5 million
 es strong  2000
 air cards  n	 1st $2 “Million Dollar”
mpliance    day in sales

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