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1991                                       1995                     1998

n	 CBI holds the                           n	 CBI adds Export       n	 CBI
Inaugural Food Show                        Division, reaching into  Kitche
at WPB Auditorium                          the Caribbean, Mexico    & Sup
                                           and Latin American       design
         1992                              markets, starting with   furnish
                                           2-3 containers/wk        restau
                n	 CBI adds IT Department  n	 CBI introduces        n	 CBI
                n	 CBI acquires the        Seafood Division         acquir
                Steven’s Company
                (a paper company) and
                adds Disposable Division
                n	 A milestone for the
                Company – 1st “Million
                Dollar” day in sales

1993                                                                1997

n	 IT Department takes                                              n	 CBI moves to its cur
Cheney Brothers from pay                                            325,000 sq. ft., state-of
phones to pagers & laptops                                          facility at 1 Cheney Wa
                                                                    Riviera Beach, Florida
                       1996                                         n	 Cheney sales hit $85
                                                                    n	 CBI is 350 employee
                   n   Cheney Brothers goes                         n	 Warehouse Managem
                   cyber with the launch of                         Systems gains WiFi & a
                                                                    n	 CBI begins Y2K com
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